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Have you hired a Traveling Contract Machinist?

Matt Glore

Nov 20, 2006
United States
I'm in a low skilled area and I need a few really high skilled CNC Set-up machinists. Have you used a Contract Machinist, and if so how did that work out?
Thanks in advance,
Where are you located? What type of work are you trying to do. You may be surprised. There’s a lot of small shops with talented gray hairs under rocks out there.
bejeebers that is a big shop. Where are you looking now? Now do a 180 and look elsewhere- not there. Nola area has skills. You do not see nasa or barge industry having problems finding high skill workers. The button pusher/warm body back breaking work yes- high skill not so much.
Notice all your machines match your workers- white with blue trim? This is a red flag in a southern city.

Mercenary metal workers are awesome. They used to call them journeymen in the guild/trade days. I used to be one- it was fun and awkward.