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Heavy 10 For Sale, SoCal , Burbank


Cast Iron
Nov 10, 2007
Los Angeles
Hi all, I am selling my Toolroom Heavy 10, 4' Bed, arch leg bench, with Taper attachment, and including:

-Faceplate with center adapter
-Three jaw chuck
-Four jaw chuck
-Quick collet closer
-Steady rest
-Follow rest
-upright tool rack
-KDK quick release w/ one holder
-Cat head, four screw (for spindle tail)

I overhauled this machine about two years ago, and everything works, all auto feeds, gears, apron, new crossfeed screw, New NOS half nuts From SB latheman, even have the SB box they came in, Very well taken care of machine, Very clean, spindle indicates at about 2 tenths, wear on bed towards head as on most older lathes, yet cuts well over length, I have used this lathe for toolmaking, and gunsmithing work and it threads beautifully, chambers barrels well, and has put on many a muzzle brake. I am located in Burbank, which is Los Angeles County. I do not have the ability to ship this lathe, Buyer will have to move it, but it is in paved easy to access location, so no problem getting it to truck or trailer.

The footprint of the lathe is about 2' x 5'. Reason I am selling is that I have other lathes and I just don't want to let it sit.


Photo in next post, Please PM me if interested.

Regards, Bridgeport
Hello B

My name is Allen Elliott and I'm located in Florence AZ. I am interested in your heavy 10 as I now have a 9" that I have had for over 15 years. I do gunsmithing work and I have to do every thing on a steady rest or do it on a friends 10". I have the money now and am willing to drive over tomorrow if you can let me know it is still available. My phone # is 520-868-5580 and my cell is 520-518-1948. I would be looking at a 10 hour drive so I would like to know as soon as you can tell me one way or the other.
Thank you in advance,
Allen Elliott
How the heck did you manage that? I've had mine for sale for months (on here since February), about to weigh it in for scrap... :(