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heidenhain TNC155 circular pocket question


Aug 30, 2014
West yorkshire UK
Hi, I am pretty much self taught on a CNC milling machine so my knowledge is very limited.
Wonder if anyone could help a little?

I would like to mill a deep circular pocket using the full length of a long series end mill.

The circular pocket cycle that I usually use for smaller depths has too wide a cut for the cutter, which causes chatter.

Is there a way of altering the cycle to make a smaller width of cut?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Not really, the machine have a fixed percentage of the tool diametre for the cut.
you can try fewer cutting depth or enter a false diametre for the tool. But in this
case you need to correct the diametre of your Pocket.
If you use a 20mm tool than enter a 12mm tool for the pocket. but
you have to add the 8mm difference to the desired pocket diametre.

And important, after that you need to change the tool diametre to the
correct value.