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Help! 2002 Haas TM-1 Not Powering Up


Aug 10, 2013
Chicago, IL
Hi Everyone!

We recently had the monitor replaced on our 2002 TM1 and it was working fine until two days ago we left it on over night and the next morning it was off. No one said they turned it off so we think it went off on its own.

When pressing the “On” button on the controller you hear the click in the cabinet but the screen sits there for five seconds, then says, “No Signal” for five seconds, and then nothing. The spindle load meter pulses a bit. I tried hitting reset multiple times but no response.

The four servo amps in the back are all flashing green “power on.” The board at the top right has a “-12V” led flashing but that’s it. I see no lights on the power supply flashing….I would think there would be if it was working?

The Haas guy is coming out Monday but we (of course) need this running today. Any ideas? Is it likely the monitor itself since it was just replaced?

Thank you!
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That sounds like the DC power supply has at least partially died. It's just like any other computer. You have a power supply board up there by the AC power distribution. It provides 12V -12V and 5V power to run all the computer stuff.

Depending on how handy you are, you could
  • Repair the board yourself by figuring out what component(s) died.
  • Buy a generic computer power supply and replace it with that. This will require rewiring on your own and selecting one that can be wired to turn on every time without being connected to a computer motherboard.
  • Buy the power supply from Haas (expensive--be ready) and replace it yourself.
Use a voltmeter and check the DC wires for all three voltages. They run everywhere in the control cabinet so finding a connector to probe should be easy. Any of them going to the processor triple stack will work. I can't be positive but, from where I'm sitting, that sounds like the culprit.
I've not had a bad one yet but, I understand they're fairly common as the machines age.

You have a TM but, I believe this may be the part:

It says must be installed by the HFO. It could be that you're going to void the warranty if you do it yourself, or could be they flat refuse to sell the part. Don't know. I'm good with electronics so I'd be self-installing. The labor could ends up being more than the part.
I cant remember if the part you found above was it but they DID have a low voltage power supply in stock. We replaced it and are back up and running! Thank you!
Thanks for the follow-up. Did you self-install? If not, how bad was the service call?
We tried to install it ourselves since it looked like it was just going to be two ribbon cables BUT the new one had the wires attached to it (instead of just sockets for the cable connectors) so it was a little more involved. We already had a call into our service guy so we just let him come and finish up. It was our "unofficial" Haas service guy (I think he used to work there or something)...the "official" Haas (right down the street) was booked out into October!!!! Thanks, again! :cheers: