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Help choosing a VFD for mill


Jan 27, 2024
United States
Need help on getting the right VFD at a reasonable price. I have a Turn Pro Mill with a 3 HP 220 Volt 3 phase motor. It is 60 cycles and 1720 rpm motor. The machine has a variable speed control. Amps at 220 volt on the 3 phase motor is 8 amps. The motor is an induction motor. I have 30 amp 1ph. 220 volt input power for the VFD. What model and size of VFD do I need?
Thanks in advance for all you input and support.


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Just about any 3 Hp rated VFD will work, as most will output around 11A in heavy duty mode. A 30A single phase input breaker is usually recommended. There is no need for higher end VFD's in this application, so common VFD's that are reasonably priced would be the Automation Direct, Teco, Fuji, Hitachi, etc.

The Automation Direct GS21-23P0 is the least expensive, offers good performance, is pretty straight forward to program and has good tech. support. Many people also use the Teco L510-203-H1-U, although the latter does not support an external braking resistor if you need fast stops. Hitachi WJ200-022SF is also a very good VFD, programming can be a bit more intermediating, but they are durable and have been around for many years. There is a newer version c1-022sfu2.
I have a few of the Teco/Westinghouse vfd's in my shop. Both the older FM-50's and newer L510's. Both models have been great.
I have Hitachi C1. Something I didn't care for is the plastic sheet with cutouts for I/O wiring. If VFD is mounted in a metal box then who cares? So I bought it anyway.
If the C1 is hanging in free space and your connection is conduit or something like it, forget. In my case I use shield cable and the shield is terminating on the metal box..

Otherwise the VFD works like it should and their new front panel entry wheel/ push-button makes programming fast. Too bad about the entry plate.
If I had to I would substitute a custom metal sheet for the plastic plate.
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