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*Help* Connecting Tosnuc 888 to NCnet Lite or Similar


Oct 26, 2023
Hey Guys,

First off, I just want to say that I hardly have any machining background. I'm primarily a Marketing Manager but I double as the company IT guy and point of contact for our 3rd party IT firm. Over October, I've been working on getting the vast majority of our CNC machines on our network, with most having the functionality to drag and drop programs onto the controller from computers throughout the floor, or from our programmers' computers. I've been hung up on some older machines though.

We have 3 Toshibas here (2 BTD-13F R22, and 1 BP-150 P45) all with Tosnuc 888 controllers. We used to send and receive programs via Predator DNC (FTP) but we are looking to phase out Predator as a whole. We currently load programs using floppy disks but the drives are starting to wear out. With that being said I've been testing out NCnet Lite since the hardware from predator is still connected. All 3 machines have a LAN board with a RJ45 adapter that runs to a PC (Windows 10) at each machine. I've been testing NCnet Lite to try to send and receive programs but I clearly have something off. I've attached my config settings in NCnet Lite.

A machinist and I were able to dig into the 888 and find the baud rate settings and what not but that was for the RS232 ports. We have the option on the 888 to send and receive via LAN but whenever we try this in sequence with NCnet, we can't find the program that was supposedly transmitted. And I can't seem to find a setting in NCnet for ethernet/lan instead of serial ports. I've thought about running a RS232 to usb cable from the machine to the computer and connecting that way (if possible). Looking to get any help that I can find here. Thanks in advance.

Baud Rate: 4800 | Stop Bit: 2 | Parity: Even | Data Bit: 7 | Port: COM1 or my settings

Seth J.


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