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Help! I need a calibration manual for a Federal 230

Forrest Addy

Dec 20, 2000
Bremerton WA USA
Help! I need a calibration manual for a Federal 230 gage amplifier model EAS 1233.

I see one one a stcker where it was accepted Mar 11, 1988 but the electronics technology inside dates from the mid '60's. All 2N307 transistors and honking big plugs right out of a Korean War Hallicrafter recsiver. For example the battery uses a polarized plug designed for the A battery in tube portable radios. I'm so old I spot details like that.

I got three of these jewels from eBay. Gloat. Gloat. All pristine and complete; each includes a little box of accessories and a gage head that all fits in the back under a cover. It makes a neat package convenient for the wandering inspector. They are all clean except for a zillion Cal stickers.

They come with a toxic waste mercury cell which I will replace with alkaline batteries and a 5.4 V regulator. I'm looking for a salmon stream being stocked with fingerlings. I can beat up the mercury battery between two rocks and toss the wreckage in as the tree huggers look on in horror.

But I need a calibration manual. If anyone has a cal manual, holler. Maybe we can do a deal.

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I've got the same setup, and they are alot of fun to play with. I don't think I have any literature on it, but will look thru my stash. I have surprised myself on stuff I've squirreled away and forgotten about. If not, I too would like a copy of the calibration manual if possible.
The third call to Mahr Federal was the charm. The nice lady sent me a PDF file of the manual. It's the operator's manual but not the calibration manual which is what I wanted.

Darryl, I emailed you the file.

Thanks guys.
humm I have "232" ESA 1338 ... I would bet they will have a PDF file of that one too
dont supose you would share the contact info for Marr Federal? :D
Cheers Don
Forrest, big thanks. I looked thru the stash and came up short, did find my Hilger and Watts Autocollimator manual though!
We're both out of luck. My hard drive died a couple years ago and I lost the files I never backed up - the Federal folder among them. Might be a lesson here.

I passed out CD's to my scraping classes and I think my whole Federal folder was on it along with a ton of handy, hard to find lore.

Any of my old students out there? Still got the CD? Can you help this guy?