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Help ID new to me Hendey lathe


Feb 13, 2024
Hi, guys. New to the fourum. Have been reading and learning here for years, and now i need some help.
Found a hendey that was headed to scrap and decided to save it. Other than i know its a hendey conehead pre-tiebar i know nothing about this lathe.
Has serial number 5508 stamped on the bed. Also has w.paul 1907 stamped on the other end of the bed.
At some point someone added a 3 speed willys transmission and 220v motor.
Has a 8 inch union scroll chuck stamped 1937. Centerline to bed is 7.25" and 30 inches between centers. Ive spent hours cleaning her up and have gotten most functions working.
Im not sure how the clutches on the apron are supposed to work. And i havent gotten crossfeed working but i can engauge feed forward and reverse and the half nut knob will enguage lead screw. Looks to be a clutch wheel center of apron feed wheel but turning the cluch wheel does nothing.
Dont want to tear it apart untill i learn more about it.
Who can help pedigree my machine
And any information on how the feeding works would be a help.


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Welcome to the forum! Looks like a nice and complete example of an early Hendey lathe. While in its day Hendey was arguably in the same league as Monarch, you'll get best results posting this in the antique/history section here. For one thing forum member "hendeyman" is more apt to see it there. Among other things he has much of the surviving records from the Hendey company and is extremely knowledgable about these machines.

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