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Help Matsuura mc-880v Yasnac MX3 - Yaskawa CACR-SRCA 20 BBS ALARM 393 and C fault


Dec 23, 2021
Hi Guys

Hope that somebody can help us..

Machine is a Matsuura mc-880v with Yasnac MX3 controller.

We just get it into private toolshop as used machine.

Previus owner told that he demounted the Z-axis motor and tacho to get it out of factory but then he could not get it to work and now it is in my friends toolshop.

When we do start machine and push the green ON second time, the z-axis move UP with very high speed about 7-8 mm and the the alarm 393 come on screen and failure C on the Yaskawa CACR-SRCA 20 BBS

If we do take of the power cable to the z-axis motor we can start machine and jog with x-axis, but after 20 sec we got a ALARM 353 on screen.

We did check tacho cable with ohm meter and we do change the Yaskawa CACR-SRCA 20 BBS bords from one axis to another ....Nothing did change anything.

How to check the tacho it self ? ....How can we see / check that it is working ?
How to check if there is current to the motor ..we do measure voltage but it is going away very fast...

Do anybody have an idea ?

Best regards from Denmark

Merry Xmas