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Help me make a clone of my Fusion 640M Hard Drive

You might try using Clonezilla to make a cloned drive to mess with. It's free, open-source software that boots from a CD or USB thumb drive and can create an exact copy of your drive. There are also YouTube videos showing how to use it.

I've used this on several machines and it works really well. In fact, I typically make a cloned drive of any new to me (old) PC based piece of equipment...kind of like backing up parameters...probably won't need it, but you never know.
Good morning, the machine was working well the problem was that when I was shutting down the machine, the power went out, which corrupted the windows 95 startup files, the machine was no longer able to run windows, I removed the disk and spent to a technician to extract the files or make a clone of the disk, but it turns out that I was never able to contact this technician again I don't know if he had any health problems due to covid-19 ?!

More than 40 days trying to contact the technician and the phone is always disconnected, that is, I don't know where the man lives and I lost contact because the phone I have is always disconnected, the last time I contacted him he said he had sent the disc already repaired by DHL, only it didn't give me the track number and now I can't even find the order at DHL.

Could it be that with the serial number of the machine you can help me to create a new record?

best regards
Joao Catarino