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Help setting up Hyundai hit 18s lathe


Sep 23, 2014
Does anybody have experience with a Hyundai hit 18s lathe?

Got one I’m trying to sort and it has all kinds of weird problems. Not sure what we are doing wrong or what is wrong with it.

If you try to use the tool eye it just hangs and in auto says something about the program is missing.

Same thing happens if you try to use the tool for setting z axis.

Almost seems like it’s missing some macros or something. Anybody know anything about that?

Cant even use the built in conversational programming as it does the same type of thing.

Now other problem is when you try to input data and go into data in out it hangs and gives an error saying 110031 and after looking that up it basically is saying it’s already trying to transfer something but it’s not?

I’m afraid to try to start it from controller zero as it works so that would be very risky in my opinion.

Any insight?