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Help with Cinci Toolmaster 1B Spindle lock washer


Mar 22, 2012
Boston, MA
I am working on replacing spindle bearings in a ~1956 Cincinnati Toolmaster 1B. I'll post more thoroughly on the process later, but have run into a problem. Looks like the lock washer for the top of the spindle has the inside tab snapped off. Dammit. Thought i was being so careful...

I know this is a longshot but is there any chance that these are available somewhere? or that they are the same part used for another machine? From the service manual the key code is 6JJR-116, and the part number is 3809 as stamped on the washer.

Anybody know the size of the similar washer from a bridgeport? This one is ~1.185" ID and ~2.045" OD to the outside of the teeth.

In the event that I cannot find a suitable replacement, is there a reason that loctite would not work to secure spindle nut?


There are commercial suppliers of "tab washers", but I don't think I found an exact replacement for the 3809 when I had the head apart on my 1-B.

What about TIG welding the inside tab back onto the washer body, and grinding the weld flat?
Looks like bearing lock washer, maybe 30MM ID, 52MM OD
I'd try a bearing supply place.
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Thanks guys. I cant find the tab, which gives me the 1% doubt that it was already broken somehow and I didnt do it. Also I don't weld so at least for me that is not an easy fix. A bit disheartening to know that you already looked Elwood and did not come up with anything.
Per your suggestion BuffDan, I did notice that NSK sells these so i will see if i can find their full listing and look for something that fits.
Yes, McMaster Carr is always there for you when you need it...
Looks like there is a standard part from most bearing manufacturers ( NSK, SKF TImken, etc) with some version of W-06 that is pretty close. At McMaster Carr there is an M30 "spring lock washer" p/n 9039A117 that is also probably close enough. Might need to dremel off a few external teeth to match the original but the other dimensions are likely close enough.

Thanks everyone for your help!