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Help with CNC part


Feb 19, 2024
I have a part that we are making on our HAAS st10y. Currently we face it off, then cut the little step in the end of the part. The groove is next. After that we pull the bar out using the sub spindle. While holding with the sub spindle we cut the flat and drill the holes then part off the part. We pull it by the sub spindle because if we push it with the bar feeder the part rotates when being pushed and then the flat and the step in the end are not parallel. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we might do this differently or does this sound like the correct approach.

Thanks in advance....

You aren't turning the diameter? I can't see any waste, though you might have gotten better throughput on a swiss machine. Not that the Haas isn't fine for the job. I just depends on the quantities you need.
I have both an MSY axis lathe and Swiss, would have done it in the swiss if qty's are worth the setup. But would do it the same way you are in either machine.