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Helping young Engineers, only to have them send work to China

Donkey Hotey

Dec 22, 2007
Yeah, I hate that Practical Machinist guy. What a hack! He's just a low buck knock off of this dude anyway:

(I'm subscribed to both channels)


Apr 14, 2018
Over the River and Through the Woods
Yeah, I hate that Practical Machinist guy. What a hack!

I lied, freedom ... but only a little lie, we can call it a fib. Got almost two minutes into this one before I felt ill and had to run for the bathroom.

Pretty sure I'm not the target audience for these videos :D

edit: what is it with so many of these people, that everything seems like an act ? I've hung out with national numbers and a couple real drag racers and plenty of roundy-round guys, none of them act like the wannabes on youtube. When I was a younger person, in SF a bunch of our customers were the original hell's angels, the ones who went to altamont. Heck, one of my best customers turned out to secretly be a speed chemist and died in a gun battle with the DEA. Even he did not act like these wannabe tough guys.

I guess it's fine if that's how they want to think of themselves but ... just seems strange to me ? why ?
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