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Hey Guys! - A little help with a Flow waterjet proplem?


Cast Iron
Jun 17, 2013
Bonners Ferry
Hi Guys,

Got a small Flow waterjet in the shop. Has the remote hopper. Normally sand flows to the head fine. Just started blowing sand out the top of the sand unit on the head. I've only had this happen once when I ran it out of sand. Checked the hopper and there is plenty of sand. Not sure what could be causing this. Happens while cutting and while idling. LOTS of sand everywhere

Please help if you can?

A common problem a buddy has had with his is bits of the garnet bags getting down in the hopper. His guys tear the bag, leaving loose bits instead of cutting them open cleanly. Sometimes, other debris from the shop floor gets on the bags and then lifted and falls into the hopper.
Donkey Hotey is exactly right. We've got in the habit, when we use a jug to pour sand from our 5-bag storage hopper to the feed on our Omax 2652, to pour it through a sieve to catch any paper bits that might have got into the storage hopper. If you don't, you get into this nightmare where the cut quality declines and you can't figure out if it's due to wear in the nozzle assembly or pump problems or what. Once you've learned this (the hard way), it's an easy problem to avoid.