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Hoist or Overhead Lift


Cast Iron
Jan 3, 2013
Erie, CO
Living in newer home looking at my trusses are held together with nail plates. My concern is that if I put an overhead hoist to remove the heads or swap the worktables on my FP3, That the weight will pull apart the trusses. The area above the mill has already been sheet rock by the builder. I need a height of over 6 feet to remove the vertical head.

Ordered a freestanding jib crane from Vestil but was so poorly built, I retuned it to the mfg. Open to suggestions on what can be installed without damaging things.
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The machine has its own build in hoist 🤑
To take the slide with the quill off,in the manual it says to slide the part onto the table
If you bolt a riser (wooden box ??) to the table you can slide the upper part onto the table as well

For changing the table Mikron has a trolley with wheels that you can bolt the table to

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I need a height of over 6 feet to remove the vertical head.
First question is why would you be removing the vertical head on an FP3?
As to lifting easiest solution if you have the floor space is some form of "A" frame gantry. Where you can have it as tall as your ceiling will permit.

The cart as Peter shows to remove a table is fine, but it lacks flexibility, especially if you are trying to swap more than one accessory on to the top of the "Y" slide like a high speed head or the precision boring head or a slotter......
A jib crane that rests on the floor and uses the wall as a support will eliminate any overhead loading, but it may be wise to increase the shear strength of the wall. (plywood sheeting) and have the crane positioned at or close to the intersection of two exterior walls (90*)
There are free standing jib cranes, but they generally require a substantial footing to be able to lift any weight at a
reasonable reach....

It think it would be possible to add a truss next to an existing roof truss depending on the location of the machine and the direction the house trusses run and their span.
Could slot the drywall next to an existing joice wide enough to insert a pair of say 2x10's or a glue lam, set on the top of the wall plate and nail to the existing joice.
Use the new beam to carry a track (barn door) for a trolly......

There are free standing bridge crane systems $$$$$$$....that do not require any extra support besides a good floor..Often used in "tilt up" buildings doing light assembly etc..I see these from time to time at auction.

"Sky hook" or similar bolted to the table could work to change accessory heads. Lift accessory off the machine and place on a cart or mobile rack...

Cheers Ross
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The Skyhook is nice but not quite tall enough. Want to inspect the slides, gears, and related parts. Also do some cleaning, there just seems like a lot of swarf. Did see picture of a guy using a strap wrapped around the head an picking up the head with an overhead hoist.

Anyone moly coat the gear teeth? Seems like it might reduce some of the gear train. Anyone Glyptal the inside of the casting. It helps with return oil flow, helps seal the inside casting. That way it much easier to clean up internals. We always use it inside of engines
Think the insides of the gear boxes and vertical head are already painted.
If you are going to coat the gears the thing to use is DLC. But not all the coating houses will run used parts.
They worry about contamination fouling their coating chambers.

Perhaps SkyHook would build a taller unit. Might be worth a call.
They do make floor mounted lifts.
Seems a guy could get a piece of plate large enough to set the machine on, and mount the crane to that off to the non operators side.
Cheers Ross