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Horizontal / vertical mill support arm


Jul 22, 2023
I recently purchased a horizontal vertical supermax type clone that did not come with any attachments. I did however find horizontal Arbor and now I'm looking to find a support arm. I saw the picture of someone turning around the head and putting it support arm on the dovetail circled in red. I don't see myself doing that but what I might do is extend the head further to clamp on a support arm for the horizontal. Anyone do anything like that before? Any suggestions on finding a support arm that would work? Has anyone successful used the horizontal without the support arm? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Trying to get this thing up and running!Screenshot_20240113_144609_Gallery.jpg20240113_144323.jpg
Think finding one that fits that specific machine would be a long shot..
Bridgeport made an overarm support that went with their right angle head. If that machine is a faithful clone of a BP perhaps the Bridgeport support might work, but it would need to match the spacing of the dovetail and also the center distance to the spindle center line.

Think better shot to roll yer own. Not really difficult. a heavy piece of aluminum Mic6 plate (maybe 1 1/2"- 2" thick) Machine to match your dovetail, slit at right angle to the dovetail and cross drill for a pinch bolt to clamp the dovetail....
Machine bore at the center distance to match the position of your horizontal spindle....Make the bore large enough to carry a bronze bushing that will become the bearing for your arbor.
Press fit the bushing with ID under size. Install support and finish boring the bushing in place by feeding with the ram.....Machine bushing to a running fit to the arbor bearing....Drill bushing for oil feed, cut in figure "8" oil groove in bush to intersect feed hole.

Can also use "stub" arbors to do horizontal milling without having an outboard support.

Cheers Ross