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How can I reload Deckel Dialog 11 Parameters


Dec 18, 2021
Hi to all,
I am new to here and am trying to help a friend with a Deckel FP4A CNC and Dialog 11 controller.
He has not long had the machine and all was well until he left it unpowered for the last 3 weeks, and now it will not come on line.
The error code is 2302 but that is not listed in the book anywhere and have found that both the battery packs are below 3.6v and we will be replacing.

What I am after is the method used to reload all parameters if it is required after change to batteries as we do have the disk that came with the machine and I have copied to CD and USB so that I can reload from a PC but, don't have any information on how that can be done.

Is there anyone that my be able to guide me on the method to use so we can get this machine running again.

Any help will be appreciated.