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How many sets of polishing buffs?


Cast Iron
Apr 10, 2014
I am trying to create a plan/structure for a set of polishing wheels/buffs for use on different metals.
What I would like to learn from this thread is to determine how many groups i need to divide my wheels into to avoid cross contamination?

Naturally need a separate wheel for each grit of compound.

I usually see online resources further divide wheels into groups of ferrous vs non-ferrous metals.
So is 2 groups enough or do i need more groups?
I was thinking 3 groups
1. ferrous metals (iron, steel)
2. bright soft metals (nickel, zinc etc, stainless steel?)
3. Dark soft metals (copper, brass etc).

This metal category division would also apply to surface finishing items like scotchbrite roloc pads.

What do you all think?
Thanks ahead.