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How much could I lift?

What exactly are you trying to lift? As others have said a fixed lift point isn't super useful. Are you just trying to lift a lathe chuck or a work piece? That's gonna be fine just hanging off a truss. Are you going for a couple thousand pounds? You're gonna need some more involved analysis that what you'll get from us.

What'd do though is buy a bigger laminate beam as they are cheap, put a support column at each end in the wall and throw some unistrut channel under it. Then I'd grab a cheap electric hoist from amazon and mount it on a trolley. Super cheap 'crane' option and should be fine for 500lbs without a problem.
I need a sky hook. Just a lifting point in the center of my shop.
I'd like to lift 1000 lbs. I dont want a gantry or engine hoist type lift. 95% of the time they're just in your way and wasting real estate.
I have a heavy work bench - on casters. Would like to lift a heavy item, roll the bench under it and set it down. Or hold up the front half of a tractor while I split it for a clutch.
I think any beam will twist before it fails. That's why they use I or H beams. LVL beems are pretty strong. If boxed together to prevent them twisting they would lift quite a bit.
Of course I would need to beef up the framing under both ends of the beams. I could use 6 LVLs too.
Dunno. I guess I'd just like to know the strength of them under a boxed together configuration.
Mother did name me well as I'm a pretty good Jerry rigger.
I built the garage 4 years ago. It's 30x33. Except for the slab and getting a friend to operate the loader in the photos I did it entirely alone.



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A few pounds less than the weight it fails at. :D

Can you make a movable gantry or is something in the way.
"dont want a gantry or engine hoist type lift. 95% of the time they're just in your way and wasting real estate."