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How to copy, move or extract /Okuma OSP500l-g?

Nice thing about Okuma OSP is that the cycles are excellent.
NLAP1 is very powerful.

G74 for peck drill with and without retract
G73 for Peck groove with and without retract.

"A" for auto-any angle.
You are correct - "Okuma style" programming Z is POSITIVE.

Now, you "could" do it "Fanuc Style" and have your Z's negative, and you can program your Fanuc CNCs "Okuma syle" too.

I do this all the time.

A is an angle, with 3 o clock being 0
So G01 X3.25 A87.332 would generate an angle from where ever the tool is to X3.25 of 87.332 degrees.
Ok still trying to understand cutting a chamfer with A. Let's say you have a 1.500 shaft and want to cut a .062 chamfer what would the code look like.

G75 X1.5 L-.062

That would be for a 45 chamfer at the corner of a part.

X1.5 A-135. would be cutting a 45 deg angle from where ever the tool is presently to the X of 1.5
So here is the chamfer and face portion of a program. All the programs are written like this.
N0100 G00 X20 Z20 G95
N0101 G97 M03 S500 M41
N0102 G00 X1.1 Z.1 T010101
N0103 G96 S100 M08
N0104 G01 Z-.045 F.01
N0105 X.96 F.002
N0106 Z0 A-45. F.001
N0107 X.25 F.002
N0108 G00 Z1.0 M09
N0109 X20 Z20
N0110 M01

Hub diameter is .960 and you can see the turning tool feeds into Z-.045 then feeds down to .960 then starts the chamfer then faces it off. Can you explain the A-45.
I have a new to me Okuma LB-12 and found the information in this thread really helpful. I typed it up and thought I'd share it back to the source of the info. Hopefully this will help someone else down the line.

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