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How to load parameters? Fanuc 21T

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Feb 10, 2014
I got a dead backup battery alarm on my Hardinge lathe and thinking it won't hurt anything since it's already dead, I pulled it out to take to the local battery place. Now when I start the machine I get a 910 RAM Parity (4N) alarm so I think my dumb mistake wiped all the parameters. How do I reload them? I can't get the screen off the Ram Parity alarm page. I have a Hardinge build sheet that has about 10 option parameters but how do I know what to enter for all the rest? I found the Fanuc parameter manual but it just gives options for each parameter and doesn't actually say what to enter.
You have a build sheet with some options parameters and parameter manual and that is it?

If that's true? I think you will have to contact Hardinge to get a complete listing of the parameters for your machine.

Yeah, that's all I have. I contacted Fanuc today and they also told me to go to Hardinge, so I'll try that in the morning. Thanks.
Apparently all the Hardinge techs are at IMTS and no one's called back yet. I went in and entered the 9000 option parameters and I can at least power up the machine fully now. The sheet I have also has KWORDS on it and I was going to enter those but some of them were already changed from all zeros and matched my sheet. But then others are all zeros in the machine but the sheet has something different... I'm not sure if I should change those to match the sheet. I'm afraid to wreck this thing any more.
I finally got a call back from Hardinge and they emailed me the parameters. So I got that in and am now in the process off referencing the X and Z axes, but I can't get the chuck to open or close. Neither the control panel button or pedal do anything. What am I missing? Also, the Z axis reference procedure says to touch off the spindle face; do I have to pull off the chuck? Or can I touch off the chuck face?
I'm making some progress... chuck now works. I called Fanuc and they had me change KWORD K17 which allowed me to then modify the DWORD for the chuck. The only K words I've changed are the ones printed on my build sheet, K00-K17. Should I still load the entire KWORD file I got from Hardinge? I'm not sure what page that's done on. I tried to load it in the same place where I loaded the parameters and it locked up the control.
Alright, so I got my KWORDS loaded in but continue having trouble zeroing the axes. I'm doing the X procedure now and after I go through the instructions and try to do the last step where I verify my indicator reading, I only get to about X2.74 before I'm on the 0 TIR indicator reading. The instructions say I should be at X-.630 at this point. I should be sweeping the turret bore like in the attached photo right? Not on a boring bar holder?
2016-09-19 09.27.28.jpg

X Axis Reference Position is 12.880 Inch.

1. Set Parameter 1850 X to 0 (grid shift).
2. Set parameter 1815.4 X to 0 (APZ). After changing these Parameters the Control must be shut off.
3. Software over-travels must be disabled by pressing and holding CAN and "p" and then power up the Control. Do not let go of these two buttons until the Control is powered up.
4. With an indicator mounted in the spindle, sweep the bore in the top plate.
5. Adjust X-Axis position to obtain 0.0000 TIR.
6. Jog Z-Axis away from spindle to clear the indicator
7. Record the amount in the Absolute Position register for X-Axis.
8. Take the number that was recorded in Step 7 and add 13.510. Record this number. (With VDI Top-plate, add the X-Axis Home position - 12.88)
9. Move the X-Axis so that the position display shows the sum of Step 8.
10. Set parameter 1815.4 X to 1 (APZ).
11. Turn off power.
12. Turn on the machine and move the X-Axis to -0.630 inch (the tool holders are offset .315) and sweep the bore in the turret again and check. The TIR must be 0 +/- .0010.
I think Hardinge sent me instructions for a 42 not a 65 so the reference distances are wrong. I found the right ones in my manual. Gonna give it a shot...