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How to Reverse DXF Face Normal?


Hot Rolled
May 29, 2014
ca, US
Sculpting a 3D shape in AutoCAD2000. Other versions of the shape worked fine but the latest has two faces with reversed normal so when the file is brought into Gibbs the solid is composed of sheets with those two faces as rings facing inward. The shape is created by starting with a block and subtracting solids created along perimeter lines. Maybe if the subtraction solids were extruded in the opposite direction before subtracting?
Is there a way to reverse the normals in the DXF file itself?
Do not have that option on 2012 but found a work around. Extract the edges of the sheet, unstitch it from the rest of the model, coon's patch the extracted geometry then stitch it on to the rest of the model.
Sorry I linked the wrong video, and 2012 does have all the features in that video, I still have my copy of 2012 on another machine.
and yes, unstitch, patch, and restitch, you can check surface normals by turning on "indicate sheet side' you can reverse them using 'toggle sheet side'

This was the video I thought I linked.