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how to switch a Mazak QTN Nexus 200 ms lathe from ID clamping to OD clamping?

Interesting. Power cycle machine and than go to PARAMETERS - MACHINE PARAMS, that is where R parameters are.

correct. Make R54 - 0000 0001

Not sure what you are doing with R49, but all bits there are self explanatory.


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I power cycled but still couldn't find R parameters. It turns out I couldn't see them because I had spindle 2 selected on the lower part of the control panel. Once I selected spindle 1 I could see them. I'm guessing there is a reason other than making things complicated.

I changed bit 6 to 0 and that seem to clear alarm 218.

I then had alarm 215 to deal with. It had already come up a few times looking at the alarm history. I may have had the wrong proxi switch at the closed and opened position. I swapped them around e.g slid the one that was in out and the one that was out in. and put something in the chuck to clamp.

I have cycled the chuck in and out a few times and at least for now I have no alarms and it looks like it is ready to go to work.

If that's the case thank you very much for your help Noname777, Bob and Scruffy
Jaw setup. Line under HEAD 1 starts with OUT, same for HEAD 2. That defines these jaws as OD clamping. Also has a clamping OD defined. Note that only HEAD 1 has a space for C OFFSET. No C axis on sub spindle for that lathe.JAW SETUP.jpg
Thanks for that info scruffy. I'll have a look at that page once my lathe is up and running.

The was running a program cutting the jaws last night without any problems however I notice that it would give alarm 215 if the proxies at the end of the draw tube were positioned to pick up the disk so in other words if the proxies had no signal at any stage when chuck was opened or closed the machine was happy but if they got a signal alarm 215 would come up. I tried every combination e.g right proxie forward left one back and so on. I think that's the opposite to how its suppose to be. I assume the previous owners have change something in the PLC ladder or something like that or I have missed something.

As it seems to be running okay for now I might just leave it for now if its not going to cause a problem until I have made some parts and then look at it
it is blown out of proportion mystery how to setup these 2 switches.

-you have 2 proxy switches ( assume you dont know which one is on the LEFT, which one is the RIGHT supposed to be). Assume proxy feedback is used instead of a timers one.

-assume you have external chucking

-CHUCK is open , one proxy ( lets call it a FIRST one) should be ON to indicate that CHUCK is open. You need this signal for BARFEEDER as well.

-CHUCK is holding a material. First proxy is OFF. Second proxy is not ON, it should stay OFF and be located further away for clamping mechanism disk not to reach it.

-Some Mazaks have pressure switches to indicate CHUCK CLAMP and UNCLAMP ( something you need to check in your parameters list)

-Now, imagine you just closed a chuck without any material in it. SECOND proxy is ON. First proxy is OFF. That is to indicate miss-chucking.

to understand if proxies are setup correctly you should find CNC SIGNALS page where you can see your machine CHUCKs status
Thanks for that noname777.

I'll play around with it so I can work out which is the first and second proxy switch and set it like you suggested. I'll see if I can work out if my machine has a pressure switch, maybe later today.
I haven't found a screen that looks like the one in your picture scruffy. The one that says if you have a C offset on the sub spindle. Attached are pictures of my setup record page one and two.


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