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How to Turn off Machine Lock Fanuc 15M? / Can't Jog Axis on Kitamura Mycenter


Cast Iron
May 25, 2016
USA Prescott , Arizona
I have a new to me Sonic Mill 3X (basically a Mycenter) with a 15M control. I have zero Fanuc experience.

There is a "MT. LOCK" lamp that is on that the manual says is the "Machine Lock Lamp" and when its on the position display will show movement but the machine doesn't move which is exactly the results I am getting. I don't see a switch on the control panel and can't find anything in the manual about getting it out of this state.

Additional info: When I bought the machine it was running jobs under power. The z axis servo was removed due to clearance issues. When I re-installed the servo I was getting a 2ND limit switch error. I since removed the servo, manually raised the z axis off the limit switch and still can't get a axis to move.