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Hurco CNC Lathe TM6i Static Bolt on Tool Blocks- Lot of 6, 1.25 ID


Nov 26, 2021
A few months ago at an auction, I purchased two cabinets full of random tooling and other supplies. This was an all Hurco shop that had a fairly new TM6i lathe with the bolt on turret design. I found these tool holder blocks in the lots I purchased, and since I do not have any Hurco machinery I would like to sell them off to someone who can get some use from them. I tried selling them on other sites and social media, but there was not a ton of interest in them. All 6 tool holders appear to be unused/brand new with 5 of the 6 still in their protective plastic wrapping. The 6th holder was removed from the packaging to verify the diameter of the bore and the bolt hole pattern. All 6 holders have a 1.25" ID bore. The bolt pattern measures 35 x 54 MM with the alignment key/protruding rectangle measuring 19.8x38 MM. The rear block off plates for all 6 holders are included, however there are no coolant nozzles or hardware included. I do not know what Hurco sells these holders for new, but I know a comparable one for a Haas is between $200-300 a piece. I would like to have $500 for the lot, but am open to reasonable offers. This price also includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States, shipping to other parts of the world will be possible at the expense of the buyer. Payment via Paypal preferred, but other payment options are available.
I also have a bunch of other assorted Hurco parts and accessories that I will be posting.


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