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Hurco VM2 2003 Spindle Fault


Apr 27, 2024

I bought a Hurco VM2 machining center from 2003 from an auction. The machine is rated for 3 Phase 400V input power.

The problem is that when I reset the spindle and servo fault and then press the Power On button to turn on the control voltage an error occurs.

The error is Spindle Fault and ATC Is Not At Home Position, at least this is what the display tells me. In the beginning I decided that the problem is with the ATC and the arm that moves the tool from the ATC output to the spindle but when I checked the electrical enclosure, the spindle inverter had not been turned on.

The inverter is Yaskawa Varispeed VS-626MC5.

What actually happens is when the Power On is pressed, the inverter power contactor engages and the inverter turns on for some time but after some time the inverters turns of.

While the inverter is on the display shows and error - PUF, DC Bus Fuse Open. It seems a quite annoying error but what the manual says is that the fuse responsible for the output transistors is gone.

I decided to check that and disassembled all the printed circuit boards and got the that fuse. When removed I measured continuity and no buzzing sound on the multimeter and the resistance was more than 3 Mohm.

All performed tests show that the fuse is bad but what worries me is if any of the output transistor blocks is gone as well.

Well, the options are to change only the fuse but the manual says if the fuse is changed and there is still a malfunction output transistor block, the damage to the inverter will probably increase, or to change the fuse and all the output blocks.

Is there a method to check the output transistor blocks of the inverter?

What do you think about the probability of having spare parts for this old inverter?

Would you suggest a hint to approach this problem?

Best Regards
Konstantin Kolev