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Hurco WinMax


Jul 23, 2009
Midwest usa
I'm looking at buying an entry level VMC to make mostly 2D die die components. I had originally budgeted for a standalone software, like MasterCam (or something similar) for programming, but the Hurco salesman is pumping up the WinMax control saying that it's all we should need. After watching some YouTube videos, it looks like the WInMax is very basic and doesn't look at the stock as a boundary which would require us to offset the geometry out for every roughing pass when making a boss type of feature... is that correct? if the feature is off center I have to imaging that you'd be cutting as much air as you are the material, right? Also, are there any options for Z ramping, or dies it plunge straight down into the material?
I got Winmax machine.
And 100% of my programming is done by CAM.
Winmax software works for some easy stuff, but you are limited.
And you're still standing behind a machine pressing the touchscreen (which sucks imho) and the keyboard.

When you have all the Winmax software options, you're better off buying a CAM package (price wise).
Much more options, much better to verify toolpaths, better integration of tools and so on.
Imho not worth it.

The only option which can be usefull in my opinion is the NC merge and Ultimotion
Where you can combine conversational programs (also probing) with your NC program.
But I control that also from my CAM package.
And ultimotion is great if you do a lot of 3D contouring
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I've been working somewhere for a year now with 3 Winmax machines. One of the guys here that's been using one for 10-15 years likes Winmax but even he does 80% of his programming in CAM software. Apparently, Winmax was a bit of a game changer back in the day but I don't see much use for it now. CAM is the way to go.