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I could use some help tooling up an old Okuma LB12


Jun 8, 2010
Vancouver, WA
Like the subject says, I could use some help tooling up my new to me 1986 Okuma lathe with the OSP500L-G control. Before the flaming starts.. Yes, I know it's an old lathe. I've watched it run and it's my first CNC turret lathe. I have manual lathes, CNC mills, CNC press brake, CNC router. I'm not completely new to the basic concepts. I have a product line that I manufacture. The goal is to transition my turned parts from the manual lathes to this machine.

It came with a Kitagawa B42 collet chuck and a Kitagawa B-8 8" 3 jaw chuck. I have turret tool blocks for 1" square tooling, 1.5" and 2" boring tools. I want to get the 3 jaw sorted as well as OD turning and threading. My parts are made of aluminum and brass. The features are rather simple- OD turn, thread on one end, chamfer, and part off.

My first big question is the B-8 chuck. I see tons of references to B08 and B208. I'm not sure if B-8 is the same as B08? It looks like the B208 jaws will work with my chuck. I have an email into MonsterJaws to see if their jaw t-nuts will work with my B-8. (edited to add: they responded. The B08 jaw nuts will work with my chuck.) My plan is to buy a set of ground hard jaws. All of my parts will have a manual second finishing operation. Should I look at other hard jaws? Or are the Monster Jaws option good to go?

As far as threading goes, I am looking for a quality threading tool. I am swimming in catalogs. I will only (at least for now) be cutting an OD 5/16-18 thread in brass. I would love a suggestion on a threading tool. I have some nice Arno VCGT polished inserts I've had good success with on my Pacemaker. Looking for a 1" toolholder for these inserts. Again, swimming in catalogs. I will want to be able to cut up to a shoulder, so a LH or RH tool me thinks. I'm still figuring out the LH/RH thing in the CNC turret setup.

I know this is a little long. I'm trying to put the relevant info out there so folks who are so inclined have a better shot at helping.

I sincerely appreciate any help!


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