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I have three Tree machines for possible retofit

C Squared

Mar 8, 2012
I have two Tree 425's and one 325 knee mills. Not sure if I should put the money for a retofit or just sell them. One of the 425's has a power knee attachment. All three have Dynapath Delta controls. The 325 is the earliest version, but does have data transfer capabilities. The 425's have a later version that also has drip feed function. I'll probably just sell them.
S.E. lower Michigan Near Interstate I-75 My email is O.P.larry at gmail . com
Have you looked into a new Dynapath control?
They are local to you, and it should be a straight fwd replacement.


I am Ox and I approve this here post!
I had a 325 that I put a GSK system on. It was and still is running great. Super fast, accurate, huge program storage and 3d profiling would run circles around my Fanuc 18mb. Probably looking at $10k in parts.
PM me if you have any questions.