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Idiots with Deckels

Martin P

Aug 12, 2004
Germany in the middle towards the left
In these cases Deckel NC's.

Get an email from a guy "I need a Deckel control cabinet".
Me: "Which one?"
Him: "Any will do"
It goes downhill from there. Turn out he has some cobbled together "prototype" and thinks you can sort of duct tape any cabinet to any control. And the only thing Deckel on his machine is the head.

Today an email from a guy "I need the amplifier cards, some control buttons and a coolant tank for my machine".
Me: "ok, what machine do you have?"
Him "I have an FP2"

This seems to be the equivalent of the people that advertise "wheels for car for sale" with no details on size, rims, make, type. To them a wheel is a wheel, why should there be differences?

I wonder what FPS must go through on their phone support. Must be epic.
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At least partially.
I once gave up with a guy from India.
I was not able to communicate even any simple yes/no question with the guy, like "is the diode on card X on?". I gave up.
Also the guys that say "I have an FP4", how many FP4 and versions are there? I can think of a lot.
FPS must really have some amazing stories to that end.
They probably went out on calls a lot to simply just turn on the control inside a D11 cabinet.