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"Improper G-code" alarm when using G71 on Fanuc 21T

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Cast Iron
Feb 10, 2014
I used to run this exact program on a lathe with 0T but on my Hardinge Cobra with 21T control I get a #10 Improper G-Code alarm when using canned cycles. I've looked through the parameter manual and have even talked to a Fanuc tech but haven't had luck finding what parameters to change to enable the G70-G73 canned cycles. Can anyone help? Fanuc says they'll dig into it and try to find it, and I left a message for Hardinge tech support.
It's set to 0. The entire line is 01110000; this is what the Hardinge build sheet had on it and it matches the machine.
Thanks! That worked. Funny, because the Fanuc tech asked me about 9921 also and then dismissed it.

I'm surprised that the Fanuc guy would even ask about 9921 and not just say you were missing an option. Alarm 10 is pretty clear about in that you have entered a G code that is not included in the control configuration. I don't ever recall seeing alarm 10 associated with anything other than not having an option enabled.

Why Hardinge did not include the G70 series cycles as standard is weird too. I guess they were trying to make an extra buck selling control options that most other builders include as standard.
That shows that the machine was not purchased with the G70 series canned cycles. If you can get bit 7 set to 1 you'll be in business.

Hi actually i'm also stuck by this problem with same hardinge machine yet i read your message then i tryed to change this parameter while in mdi and write enable on but it dosen't change from 0 to 1