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Info on Becker Lincoln Horizontal Mills?

I rescued about the same machine from the scrapyard a few months ago. #10 B&S taper spindle...Looks like they were made with different bed lengths.
The biggest problem with mine is about half of the bull-gear is broken off and missing. It would be great if you were willing to count the teeth on yours and post the number. I think I came up with 132 as an estimate, but the real number would be a big help.
This is my Becker Mill, sorry for the cluttered pics. The third picture is my X axis power feed. Since the OEM powerfeed pieces were gone, I made my own from a treadmill motor, a 60:1 right angle gearbox from a center pivot, and some scrap iron I had laying around. The motor is reversible and works very well. I used the potentiometer from the treadmill control panel.


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Clever solution Tom! Sadly I lost the Becker at auction. Two other guys got in a bidding war and quadrupled the price after I dropped out. It went for twice what I paid for all three of my mills ( a LeBlond, a Cincinnati, and a Hendy-Norton)