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Inherited older Metal making machine and need help.


Jan 5, 2024
Hello, I’m new to this Forum. I’m the Widow of a Plastic Manufacturing and Metal making Company that I, my Husband who suddenly passed away from COVID and family members owned. All have passed leaving me with a lot of older Metal working machinery. It was being used and is working condition. There are also many accessories to the machines like drill bits, tools etc. Ex: Bridgeport Mill, Monarch Lathe, Maximat Super II Lathe, Lagun Republic Drill/Lathe and more. I never actually worked with the machinery. I am asking, what is the best way to sell it and how do I find out it’s Value? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.


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You came to the right place.
Those are all good quality machines and look to be well taken care of, they should bring a good price.
You have to decide what your priority is as far as how to sell, do they need no be gone quickly? Or do you want top dollar? Or the must go to a "good home"?
The bits and accessories for the machines can be worth as much or more than the machine itself, depending on what they are of course.
Also you should update your profile to show your location, city and state is fine. Value has a lot to do with location.
Another thing to add is do you have a way to load them? like a forklift or overhead crane or? And are they all ready to turn on so buyers can see them run? The monarch lathe looks to shown on a trailer in one of the pictures?
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One factor in helping sell each machine is if you line up all the tooling (collets, chucks, accessories etc..) in front of each machine for pictures.
Good to post your location.
But only give personal information to longer standing PM members.
You can look up similar machines on ebay, but the prices dont relate to condition of each machine.. and the asking price is often not the selling price.
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Well if anyone is in Nevada or near her location they could possibly take a trip out to her place and give her an estimate of what those machines are worth.
Or better yet, she could ask a local owner of a machine shop to do it.
Sorry to hear about your husband. I feel your best bet would be to find a local auctioneer, and auction everything off in one day. Members here might be interested in buying one or two machines and you might be left with some equipment for months. It is very difficult to get individuals to commit to removal dates, it is not uncommon for buyers of used machine tools to back out at the last minute.
Sorry to hear of your husbands passing.

This may be obvious to you so please forgive me if it is. If you need to get rid of things quickly, an auction is the best way. If you have some time, you'll get way more money by selling individually.

Did your husband have any local friends in the same business that may be able to direct and/or assist you? This may be a good way to start.
I have posted this in several different threads when this has come up previously, but there is a sort of glitch on the location thing. When someone fills out their profile there are two different places to fill in location. One shows more out in the open, the other is only shown in the "About" section. I think I've mentioned this previously to Admin, but just did it again anyway.