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Integrex J-200S coolant leak thru relief pipe when using M51, causing pitting and rust on linear guide ways.


Aug 21, 2020
Hello everyone, first post. To all Mazak user with Integrex J-200s model machines. This machine was made in December 2016 in Japan and install around mid 2017, machine has 1197 cutting hours to this day, an average of 150 days running it 8 hours per day. When running parts and using M51, coolant thru spindle on. I notice coolant coming out thru relief pipe at the back of spindle head( B-axis unit), coolant drop on top of Y- axis, z-axis, linear guide ways and needle bearings carriage block, trapping coolant inside block. The amount of damage to LM guides in that amount of time is unbelievable( see picture in attached file). And keep in mind that I not using M51 all the time in my programs. I discovered pitting and rust on Linear Guide ways, when doing maintenance to Machine, wiping excess grease on linear guide rails.

After 8 hours of operation, we usually send machine home and turn power off. Needle bearing are hot with water soluble coolant trap inside carriage block, some kind of reaction is doing the damage to the rails, more pronounce at home position, and tool change position in Z-axis, home position in y-axis.

I don not see damage on x-axis rails, because gravity helps keeping water soluble coolant out of carriage block.

Rotary Joint and o-rings were replaced on milling spindle head by Mazak service to stop coolant leak, but machine still the same, leaking coolant when using M51 and flooding linear ways rails and carriage blocks. Mazak service department want to change seals and o-rings to B-axis unit in order to fix a small hydraulic leak and the coolant leak. I don not see the relationship between B- axis hydraulic leak and coolant thru spindle. If somebody has the same issue with this model, please let us know. We pay lots of money for this machine and Mazak wants us to buy and replace B-axis unit. Z-axis and Y-axis LM guide need to be replaced.


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where is this spindle thru relief coming from? I am guessing here. Rotary joint O rings are the problem? What if they damaged them while reassembling the unit?
Normally you would have dedicated channels for hydraulic oil ( clamping different parts) , air, chiller oil and coolant. Coolant would be surrounded with two or more drain channels. Is this where coolant coming from?

What if Mazak change them with different type of seals? They always improve things and retrofit things made in the past and somewhat not properly thought through?
Possible? I am just guessing here.


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