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Interesting auction in MT Morris NY

The Rivett screw-cutting lathe (Precision 8 or 608?) on the factory oak cabinet base looks like a very nice one.

I had never heard of a 1914 Smith Motor Wheel or a Smith Flyer. It turns out that Briggs and Stratton took it over from A. O. Smith in 1919 and that was the beginning of B&S and their gas engines. The model Flyer and the full size Motor Wheel are probably valuable.

I saw several other rather nice antiques of special collector interest.

Well, the auction end up being in Bloomfield NY instead of MT Morris. The auction company finally released the address just before the preview. I met the owner who is 90 and a very sharp guy. He rebuilt and hand scraped all most all of his machines except the Hendey lathe
If I recall correctly, the Rivett 608 lathe sold for $1,400, or about $1,800 with buyer's premium and tax. It was a 608 with flat belts, 5C spindle, no quick-change gearbox, oak cabinet, full collet set, fixed steady, and the eccentric tool holder. The big plus of the lathe is that is was rebuilt and rescraped by the previous owner.

Being just 2 months into restoring a 608 on the massive, unwieldy, and solid (but much less attractive) metal cabinet I was extremely tempted. If there had been additional accessories I might be on my way to pick up a second 608 right now.

Wow, you should have grabbed that as it was a very good deal. You could tell it was a very nice restoration. I have had about 6 to 8 608s, some I bought for parts or accessories.
I knew the restored 608 was a good deal, but having only moved my 608 to my basement shop the day before the auction, my back and crowded shop were prominently in my thoughts. I definitely would need additional storage space on grade to have spares.

My 608 is overall in good shape, but it's been seriously neglected. I wasn't planning a nuts and bolts cleanup, but I seem to be heading in that route. If you have spare parts or surplus accessories, I would really like to help decrease your surplus.