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Is it reasonable to buy a Colchester Dominion 13 without a "test drive" / powering up test ?

Outrageous price,and he wants extra for the accessories ! .......seriously,you get the vibe this guy is a rip off merchant ,and I would bet the lathe has serious faults ......give it a big miss ............By the way ,the original motor is a two speed ,and there is a big tin box of switchgear that fits behind the panel under the head.
By the way,the bed will be hardened ......but this doesnt mean its not worn .......hardened beds just wear slower than non .....and these lathes have very small vees .......compare to a Le Blond with the massive sloped ways ..........My roundtop is the same as the pic 1962/1963,and the ways look perfect ,but are well worn ........my tailstock is low by at least .011",that is how much I have shimmed it to get on centre.
Not so,I would have at least a dozen 3 point steadies for these lathes ..........the hard one to find is the one for the Bantam,and I cut the roundtop ones down to fit Bantams.

You don't have any tucked away for a DS&G 17 by any chance????

I've got a fixed & traveling steady off of another lathe so I can make them fit, but if I don't have to - bonus. Not thinking it's likely though.

Fortunately I got both the fixed and traveling steadies and a bunch of other stuff when I bought the Chipmaster.

Max, just curious if you went looked at that lathe. I agree with everyone else, I think that guy's asking way too much. Good luck.
Max: Like others, I would try to discourage you from getting into this project especially with your limited experience. I think he is trying to slip one past you.

Unfortunately,I scrapped tons of this stuff when I sold the yard .two years ago now ..........the Colchester stuff was only saved because I have it at home.

I'm quite happy with my Colchester Chipmaster. One of my best buys. I got it off an 85 year old man whose son in law told him it was only worth $500 and he'd be happy to take it away. I told him it was worth a lot more, as he'd asked $900 or near offer and I had $1000 cash on me, how was that for an offer.

He found me another ~$1K worth of tooling to toss in including a D1-3 P-B collet chuck with a complete set of collets from 1/16" up to 1-1/2" which I use all the time. Pays not to try to fuck over people on stuff IME.

And the lathe can cut 0.0004" taper in 6" so good enough for my simple needs.

Ebay is to blame for all this taking accessories off machines and selling them separate ...........young people no longer talk about what they have done ,just how they 'flipped' this or that on ebay or facebook.

Yeah and auctioneers.

I've lost count of the times I've seen Grays for example have chucks, steadies etc separated from their machines and listed as a separate lot. I won't bid generally.

Got given a new D1-6 faceplate by a friend who'd bought a pallet of bits simply because it also included the steadies he wanted.

My DS&G went through 3 owners before me and along the way the gap piece & steadies went missing. But the number of DS&G type 17's with taper attachments isn't so high for me to wait until a fully equipped one came along. This one is accurate and relatively unworn for a machine made in 1954.

My roundtop had the taper attachment ,it was still sitting on the floor beside Rons Bridgeport when he passed away ......however ,the previous owner had cut the cross feed screw ,so I didnt think it was worth worrying about .........the roundtop taper attachment will also fit a Bantam ,but again,the cross screw would need to be lengthened to suit..........Ron actually warned me to take the taper attch ,I didnt realise he was so close to passing......very sad loss ......days gone by ,now.
Colchesters (and Harrisons) were always built down to a price.

The market aim was excellent value for money with a decent feature list. Which they pretty much hit bang on. As such they sold well but in production or similar serious use they were disposable machines to be destroyed for the value of their production. Over the years general quality and durability improved due to investment in production facilities but anything prior to the later squarehead versions has issues that will surface in old age. The important thing is that Colchester never skimped on spindle bearings so even a geriatric machine can have good work coaxed out of it. By the time the squareheads came along quality and performance was good enough to displace most of the lower to mid end toolroom lathes from the market.

It's probably germane to note that you can still get very respectable quality Colchester clones at decent value for money. Which suggests that overall the feature set is about right for the market. Just like all the Bridgeport clones. Not perfect but good enough for lots of folk.

Being well featured and relatively inexpensive lots of Colchesters ended up in dedicated support shops for large firms, hospitals, utilities et al when replacement components had to be made "right now" to keep things going. Being lightly used, despite age, these give a false impression of quality and capability when they come on the market. Although the big dispersal of dedicated, support, mechanical workshops pretty much ended a decade or two ago many of these machines ended up on similar light duties or hobby shop environments and are coming around for the third or fourth time with, probably, the equivalent of a couple or three years full time use on them. Basically nicely run-in. These are the ones to go for. Ex training shop lathes tended to have rather more use but certainly not enough to wear them out so next best choice.

Forget one from a proper workshop that got run all day, every day. It was clapped out 20 years ago.

Price asked is $2850 Canadian (approx 2095 $USD at today's rate). From the photo, there might be some spots of rust on the bedways, or it might just be grease spots, hard to distinguish without seeing it live.
That is just to much for an unknown old lathe.
I picked up a 1972 Harrison M540, same as Colchester 21 x 80, from a machine builder in Harrisburg PA. It was one of a pair ! Back in 2020.
The seller was part of Parker-Hannifin and they were closing this location.
At the sale was a big bed grinder and beautiful HBM.
My lathe came with 12" Pratt-Burnerd 6-jaw, 15" 4-jaw, a fixed steady and a cabinet full of drills and toolholders. I forgot the DRO. The lathe was in super condition and I paid $3k for it.
I bought the twin for my buddy; two trips from SC to PA, but well worth it.
These type of deals are out there, just know what you're looking for and be prepared to move quickly.