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ISO 7mm drive in oil cup


Sep 28, 2009
central pa
I am going over my vertical slotter and want to replace a couple of oil cups. The ones on the machine are 7mm drive in style, straight. Mcmaster Carr listed them so i removed the old ones. When I went to order Mcmaster said no longer available. The ones I have found listed online have all had the part number BS1518 which appears to have been made by Gits manufacturing. When I called Gits they didn't show that as a good part number but were going to look into it and get back to me. In the meantime, Does anyone know where I could find these?
Or drill out the hole after putting a piece of cloth or something to keep the chips from getting further down. Go up to 5/16" or whatever you can get. I had to do this on an old Arboga drill press that had 6mm oil cups, however I only had to go to 1/4"