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Jackson Machine & Tool Mill


Dec 26, 2016
I recently bought this Mill. It is badged as a Jackson Machine & Tool. And another badge that sayes 1962. I have seen a version called a NO. 2 with a quill. But I can not find any information anywhere about a fixed head unit like this one. It currently has a 3/4 horsepower 1700 rpm motor. And a 8x32 table. It seems to be a stout little machine. Smaller than a full size machine, but heavier duty than say a classing 8520. But I would like to find more info on it if anyone has any information about it, I would appreciate any direction.


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Cool machine. A quill would be nice on a small machine like that. Never heard of the maker but I really dig small stout machines. R8 spindle?
It could be the same spindle. But this version does not have a quill. So I am not sure. There is some information out there on there version with a quill, just can’t find anything on this version. Can’t even find a picture of one anywhere.
I have taken the collet chuck off. It appears to use ER 32 collets. But the draw bar looks to be pressed in, not screwed in. And I have tried to get it out of the mill. The draw bar would need to be removed from the chuck, to get it out of the mill.

The faceplate on the mill, that the collet chuck is bolted to, does not appear to be removable.

Question is, do you think this mill would have been sold to only use the collets. Or was this added later and it uses a spindle from the factory.

What I will use it for, using only collets will be fine. Just trying to figure out what I am working with here. And any input or experience with tooling like this would be appreciated. The gentleman I bought it from, the father passed away 2 years ago and It was his. They don’t know anything about the machine

I could be missing something!


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