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Job Shop Coolant. MB50 vs Trim Sol

The core problem is your employees have been trained by idiots. No, not your training department, but the media and the tree huggers who have trained people to accept as fact that anything man made is evil and anything 'organic' is pure and good.

Synthetic products are often far better healthier than organic products, last longer, and do a better job. That's why they were synthesized in the first place. I know it's romantic to think beet juice will cure cancer, but give me the man made pills any day of the week. If you don't believe me, ask Steve Jobs.

If your mindless employees still don't get the idea, offer them the choice of a fully synthetic Twinkie or a bowl of cyanide for their next snack. Make sure they recognize the cyanide is 100% organic.
Still think something is shaky about this topic. "We've got five engine lathes!" yeah well nobody in their right mind runs coolant in an engine lathe.
We only use coolant on the lathes after alot of rough turning or when spade drilling holes, not often for turning/boring.

But, why not buy a drum of Castrol semi/synth for your flood coolants, and get a gallon bottle of SOL for your guy using the mister?

This is likely the route we will be taking
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