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Jones and Lamson No.. 5 Turret Lathe ...tooling ?

I'd be interested in looking at some pics...I'm trying to find a straight shank O.D. with a 4MT bore.
The double cutter boring bar at the top is 1 3/4" shank, 12" long and it has thru-coolant that can enter the side or back end. I dont know what inserts it uses, it looks like 3/8 sq. I have no inserts for it.

The second is 2" dia plain old boring bar 16" long. it takes a good size triangle insert on the front end. I may have a second one of these, I couldnt find it easily though, I think that one has a thread cutting insert in it, if I can find it.
It looks like this is a reverse cut so it cuts on the back side of the bore with lathe running in reverse?

Bottom is a thru coolant insert drill, 2" shank and 2 3/8" diameter on the cutting end. It uses (2) 5/8" sq inserts and one 1/2" round in the center. It has all inserts but is missing one screw for the loose 5/8 sq one. Coolant only comes in the back of this. total length is 13" and drill depth is a little over 7 1/2"

If you want more info or better pics let me know.


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I would recommend downloading the Jones Lamson book on tooling from Keith Ruckers site: Link here: http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgIndex/detail.aspx?id=485&tab=3

Then I would start perusing ebay just to see what is available. Don't overlook Warner and Swasey tooling, it's perhaps the most popular. Their tooling book is also available on Keith Ruckers site. (Vintagemachinery.org)

Thanks...I will go to that link....What a great resource!
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I am no expert on these turrets. It looks to me like you have the bolt-on type holders on there in pictures 3&4. I have 16" SB and my 1 1/2" turret tools just slide in hole. The holder bolted on in picture 4 looks shop made to me. There are adjustable offset holder you can put a boring bar in to adjust the offset. I have wanted one but never anted to pay the asking price. I see them on EBay. You have two patterns on your machine that you can use to make your own holders, any size you need.