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Jones and Shipman 540 Hydraulics

l gedgaudas

Nov 14, 2023
Hi, Great Day!

I have a J&S 540 and I am looking for a couple seals for the Hydraulics. They feed the table, it wont operate automatically because there is not enough pressure. I can see the fluid squirt out when it gets to the end of its travel.

Anyone know where I can locate these seals? I have looked on Jubilee and Andmar. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!20231114_110150.jpg
When I used to have a seal issue I couldn't find I would call a hydraulic cylinder repair company as they see that problem alot. Look up Garlock seals, I think SKF may have brought them
. But many companies use a Garlock v Grove seal assembly
The Search function is your friend. See here:
and in particular the links in post #2.

For example: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/...ipman-540-surface-grinder.341538/post-3602184
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Thank you Ballen! I tried searching but had no luck, it seems that not knowing the exact terminology of what I am looking for does not help.....

Would you by chance know what the other part/block assembly is called? It is located below the handle the moved the table in and out.
I don't know the name of the part. But to me these look like radial lip seals. They are typically specified by something like 60-75/8 meaning 60mm ID, 75mm OD, 8mm thick. So measure them and then look on the internet for radial lip seals.

Also, send an email to Andmar and to Jubilee with the photo. I am sure they can provide that part (though it may be pricey).
Hi, Thank you!

I sent Andmar the picture earlier, waiting to hear back.

Thank you for the dimensions, I will start a search!