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Jones & Shipman 540 bearing codes / numbers


May 10, 2018
Hi, can any owners who've rebuilt a spindle tell me the bearing codes/numbers for the Jones and Shipman 540 spindle head bearings? I have a ball bearing spindle shaft I am going to adapt to put in a plain bearing head. I don't have anything other than the spindle shaft itself though and just need the codes so I can design and make some end caps to house the bearings. I did find a thread on here with 7206 and 7205 bearings but they seem too large to possibly be it. The parts manual I have does not contain the codes. Thanks.
What is the journal sizes on the shaft you are trying to use?

Where is the shaft that come out of the hydro head you have?

You are possibly fighting a very uphill battle here.
Thanks for the answers.

The last post here has someone who had a J&S 540 ball bearing spindle shaft and put it in the plain bearing head by making their own end caps and using a disc spring washer for preload - https://www.practicalmachinist.com/...-jones-shipman-540-plain-bearing-help.378153/

I am in the same situation with a fairly worn spindle. I will not be using the spindle shaft that is with the plain bearing spindle, I won an ebay auction for a ball bearing spindle shaft with the right threads and collars to use with spindle bearings and I'll be using that but making the end caps.

I'll probably make another thread dedicated to it when I commit. I must admit I'm a little afraid of the machining tolerances that will be required, especially for the sliding bearing fit that rests against the spring. +/- a tenth would be ok I figure but I've never tried for better than that or achieved it.

One other issue that's immediately stood out is the bore for the plain bearing spindle is 2.5" or 63.5mm, and the front bearing cannot seat within that in a cap, so I will have to use a 55mm OD bearing (next size down).

Data on disc springs for preload are readily available but I'm not sure what to use there either.

I'm currently awaiting quotes on spindle cartridges. (The NSK price was high! Hoping a local machine shop currently sourcing a Taiwanese cartridge is better. English J&S repairers are also an option but after shipping to Australia and two lots of taxes are fairly high too, albeit somewhat reasonable).
Oooo I was confused, you want to convert the plain bearing head to a ball bearing spindle. Depending on how much of the bb spindle parts you have, this can be a big undertaking. A drop in spindle would be far easier and very likely cheaper assuming you value your time.