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Mar 1, 2022
I have a Jones & Shipman 540L And the table only traveled 1 way. I read that the valve block needed cleaning. So I removed the entire valve (Blocks) Cleaned all parts and now cannot get any movement. My Hyd. tank is running connected properly. On both table traverse lever & table traverse speed control lever I pushed them into the valve body with the stamp (mark) pointing at 11:00 o'clock. That was the position before disassembly. I must have something wrong with the table start lever? When moving the table traverse speed lever, I can hear the hyd. pump change sounds. I also see no oil returning into the screen. Please advise thank you.
I removed the valve blocks and checked all components. But do not see anything wrong or what looks like a missing part. When starting the pump up it sounds laboring. I have removed the table traverse and hyd. oil is being pumped up to the traverse pistons. There is no supply of oil to the ways. Still the traverse piston moves in 1 direction only. What is my next move?
This is very basic and you probably checked it, but did you press the lever on the right of the machine. If it's not released it will do this. It connects to the lever circled.

Check that the two hydraulic feed lines going up from the pump have not been swapped at one end. It would explain "no supply of oil to the ways".

PS: check your private messages regarding documentation. I've got a JS 540 APR of similar vintage so am giving you copies of my docs, including a hydraulic diagram.
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