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kennametal dodeka shell mill speeds and feeds for 44w?

bigger question is what inserts? LD, GD or HD? if the HD or GD it might be too light of a depth of cut and causing vibrations.
better guess it being 44W that its a large plate, is it clamped flat on the table? or any space under it if up in a vice will cause it to vibrate and sound like hell, got a similar 8 insert face mill that since the rake is pushing down in the cut it flexes the part and leaves chatter marks in it also.
need to change to a more neutral face mill like a 90 degree
Can you post a picture of the part after you cut it so we can see the problems?
Maybe it's something you're overlooking?
Do you have quality of cut issues? Bad surface finish, chatter, etc? Bad tool life? Mismatch of surfaces / step between passes?

Or is it just a rougher sound than you'd expect?

I don't think it's a large plate, he mentioned a 5th axis machine with a 5th axis vise. I mean, I guess the part could be for a larger 5th vise, and similarly chattery.
To the OP: respectfully, if you want to get better help, post all your parameters, possibly with pictures, in your first post, or at least in single subsequent reply.

Drip feeding information to us when asking for help isn't doing you any favors. A lot of us don't want to sift through dozens of posts just to figure out what you're doing.
Figured it out guys thanks for the help! The problem was I tried to use a high feed mill with facemill speeds and feeds.

Spoke with kennametal again different guy told me I had to go way faster, 2000rpm / 0.070per/rev / 0.020 doc solved the problem.