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Kitamura 3xif Tool setting


Apr 4, 2024
New Zealand
New here, thought I would get some help. I am trying to set up the touch probe and tool setting. Currently the use a blank tool and a tool setter off the machine with the taper the same length as the blank tool. They use this for Z0 offset and tool measuring. It lends to too much room for error in my opinion.

Have an 18i-MB controller on a mycenter kitamura. When I try to set a tool I hit the custom button, I select Tool-c, then tool. Brings up the tool numbers, I select the tool number, hit set. When I do this is just sets the number to 0.00.

The last Kitamura I ran I think had a 16i controller and wasn't showing all the other options like T-mear and base-D so I am pretty confused on the difference. I would think the set would act the same as I used before, but it doesn't.

So my routine is for example:
T29 M6
Handwheel down to a 50mm Preset gauge on the table
Hit the custom button
Select Tool-c
select tool
scroll to tool 29
Select set
(Offset then sets to 0.00)
Z Ref Exec

Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help
I have a bunch of Kitamuras with 16i controls.

I'm saying this from memory, since I'm writing from home and I'm not the one that operates the machines myself anymore, but hopefully this points you in the right direction:

I think you need to select "T-Mear" softkey for the proper tool measuring screen. Although "Tool-C" sounds right too. Maybe its CUSTOM > Tool-C > T-Mear.

The proper screen has the word "BIAS" in the lower right corner. Try all the different softkey options once you're in the custom screens until you find the one with "bias."

Also, try going into the custom tool measurement screen BEFORE bringing your tool down to your 50mm preset gauge. The tool should be up at Z home position before entering the screen.

Once you have scrolled down to the appropriate tool number, and the tool is touching the gauge, you need to find the softkey that says "Measure" or something like that. I think you have to press the right arrow softkey a few times for it to show up. I think that's your main issue.

I'm not sure if it is critical to enter the tool measurement screen before bringing your tool down, but it is definitely best to do that. If you do it in that order, the spindle will automatically go back up to home after your press the "measure" softkey, which is helpful. If you do it in the other order, the tool stays down and you then have to manually bring it back up.

You should not be pressing "Z Ref" with each tool. I think "Z Ref" might be for keying in the "bias," which is where you would enter the height of your preset gauge (in negative). So assuming your machine is set up for inch, you would set the bias as -1.9685 (which is 50mm, but entered as negative). You'd only set that once and it will stay. You must set that before measuring any tools.

This would give you large negative tool offsets, and you'd be using it with positive Z work offsets (which match Z0's actual height from the table).

You should also know that you can call Kitamura's tech support and they will help you, even if you bought the machine used, and even if the machine is ancient.

Good luck!