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Kitamura Mycenter 3X Manuals


Nov 13, 2023
Louisville, Ky USA
My shop has a Kitamura Mycenter 3X Vertical Mill with the Yasnac i80 Control. I believe it is from somewhere between 1995-1998 (Ser#11451) I have the manual for the Yasnac i80 control but no other documentation on the rest of the machine. I contacted our regional Kitamura dealer and they wanted to charge us $650 for the set of 4 manuals which is ridiculous. (Maintenance, Operator, Parts, and Programming) Does anyone know where I may be able to acquire these without paying so much?
I'll pm a link to a manual for a mycenter 3x with apc and fanuc 0m control. Machine was circa 1993.

Some of the things in the manual mention i80 control. don't know how many things in the manual will be wrong to your machine. Maybe better than nothing.

Have you tried asking kitamura in chicago?
Thanks man, I'll take what I can get...lol. Well, I contacted them first and was passed off to Next Industries which is their regional rep. for Kentucky and they sent me a $650 quote to which the owner of my shop laughed at...I wasn't laughing. I have the Yasnac i80 control manual but nothing on the rest of the machine.