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Large Format Machining Available - Denver, CO


Cast Iron
Sep 15, 2014

I am working for a fabricator and machining company out of Denver, CO as an industrial estimator. We are currently finishing up a large project and will have open machining capacity starting late April or early May.

We are mostly a milling shop, but can accommodate large turned parts if they have minimal features (limit of 4 tools on tool post).

Our largest machine is a horizontal boring mill. Travels of 480" x 144" x 40".
We have vertical bridge mills that can accommodate 96" x 120"
Our large turning machine can swing 37" with an effective bed length over 240" depending on work holding needs
We also have more conventionally sized 3 axis mills, y-axis lathes, and a 5-axis. The smaller machines are typically used to support larger projects and assemblies.

We also have full fabrication abilities including press, brake, plasma cutting, laser cutting, welding, etc.

We mostly work in carbon steel and stainless steel, but as a job we dabble in everything. We don't have certification, but regularly do defense and aerospace work. They don't seem to require any certifications because options to machine large parts is pretty limited.

If you have any projects you would like to have quoted please send me a message and we can chat!