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Leblond dual drive spindle shaft removal


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Aug 4, 2012
It appears that thanks to some oil sludge that plugged up my oil port to the spindle bearing it is now trashed. 2-3 thou of movement...... The spindle has never really been quiet on this machine, but still had good surface finish until about a week ago.

I'll get pictures in a bit. I have loosened the collar for spindle preload, loosened the intermediate bearing collar off removed both end plates ( at chuck and opposite drive side). It appears to me it should come out. What is the preferred method of removal? Puller? Slide hammer? I'm planning on new bearings on the whole shaft.


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Don't neglect the fact that the two nearest front end are Class 0 Timkens

The way Leblond showed this on the drawing I have for the 16" RT Heavy Duty was to show the number for the cup, show the number for the cone and then put a #0 right on the roller:)
Morning John,

I figured the end bearing was going to be a #0. What I can't get some ole truck bearings at O'Reilly's for this? Leblond quoted me $1100 for the set there. But forgot to get me a price on the other two on the shaft, and availability. Do you think the intermediate support and drive end would have #0 or would those be #3-4 ? On one hand I'll have the shaft out and my thinking is just to put new ones in. Oil ports were good on those. Figures this happens to the most expensive bearing in the headstock. But it can't last forever.

I'm hoping to have this out today so I can shop around for the bearings.

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#3 is tail end charlie on the precision class, but several times better than gear box class #2

Useful data from Timken - 36 years back


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I have a complete set of new, in the box, headstock bearings for a 15" (C size). They may fit other sizes as well.
One way to pull the spindle out without damaging it is to leave a 3 jaw on it and grip the tailstock ram with something in there to protect the surfaces- Shim stock, cardboard, etc. You can use the tailstock screw to pull a little, but once it's loose you just slide the whole thing back and out of the way. Reverse for install.