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Leblond Makino FNC106 trouble shoot Tool Changer


Jan 10, 2023
I purchased my Fnc106 at auction almost 2yrs ago. She has made some parts in her day and i would say is in above average condition and appears
to have been taken care of.

I have had it running up to the point of testing the BTR reader and learning how to use it and am now stuck on an internal error that has me at a standstill.
The tool changer has been a problem because although i have most of the machines manuals I don't have a manual specifically for the tool changer and dont even know if there is one available for it. I was told I have all the manuals for the machine and the operators manual has a
section on operating the ATC i dont have any documentation for trouble shooting and adjusting all the moving parts
so what happens is the machine will stop with an internal error and i dont have any way to find out what is causing the alarm
and have yet to see a ATC alarm message on the fanuc system 6m control. do they make a ATC Maintainance manual ? Can the
ATC be bypassed for testing purpose
I can manually jog all axis only by pushing the interlock release and cant start the spindle but can orientate the spindle with the ATC button on the side of the machine.
Please note I am not an electrician! I am a poor electrical tester... Volts and continuity is all i really understand.
I dont get any volt reading at the power input EON, EDF or COM terminals I'm getting 220v to the power stabilizer but
nothing at the -15v, +15v amd +24V output and nothing at A10 and A0 at terminal Cp36. There are no blown fuses.
i replaced surge absorber VS11 and the other long thin surge protector. the L031 LED on the power stabilizer slowly becomes solid red after about 5 min after power on.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

this is my 1st post here at Practical machinist so alittle bit about me.
Ive been a machinist for 25years the last 15 or so CAM programming using Gibbscam. have ran machines from Fadals to Hermles, C32 Citizen lathes to G300 Index Millturns.
Currently programming Mori Seki NLX2500 and NLX4000. And learning a 3 cell pallet pool of A71nx Makino's and helping with a Doosan DCM2740 bridge mill.


thank you very very much